Kingpeix Venture Paintball


Who We Are

Kingpeix Venture Paintball 
(KVP) is an immersing PROFESSIONAL paintball sporting event organizer in the NE states of India.

We provide our customers with world class paintball experience with our newest collection of Paintball Markers(guns) and pioneer of using Inflatable professional bunkers and exciting layouts in the region. 

Upgrade your skills.

We assume that each of us has a talent, and there are methods to exploit the maximum ourselves in a minimum time. KVP is born from this idea that every sport has been selected in accordance with this concept. Our best advertising is you. To see you SLIDING , CRAWLING, crossing a finish line or accomplishing yourself in your fields is our success.

Mission Objectives!!

Rules in this game are laid depending on the objectives, which   may include scoring a goal or preventing your opponent from reaching a certain point or into your territory. You are given some heavy duty gear, including face masks and paint guns to shoot down your opponent.In game plan victory depends completely on strategy and coordination.